Online Helicopter Charter Quotation Software

Charter Quotes

Quickly and easily generate quotes based on customer requirements using software customised with your own aircraft, landing sites and pricing plan.


Quick and Easy

  • Simple user-friendly interface, with a map showing all your known sites and relevant airspace
  • Instant price updates as you make changes
  • Automatic timing calculations for the whole route based on one or more 'key' times
  • Find new landing sites easily with contact details of local businesses in the vicinity of your search area

Improving Safety

  • Automatic mass and balance checking ensures the aircraft can take the payload
  • Automatic fuel calculations confirm sufficient fuel can be carried, i.a.w. your Ops Manual
  • Add sites directly from satellite view, so the pilot know's exactly where to land
  • Keep track of site bookings and lighting arrangements for night ops


  • Create quotation emails and 'Terms and Conditions' paperwork fast
  • Generate Operational Flight Plans, and email the route to the pilot(s)* - all with a click of the mouse
  • Operational Flight Plans include satellite imagery of each site, as well as mass and balance and fuel calculations

* For use in navigation software such as SkyDemon, RunwayHD, etc.